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Glenwood Springs Chamber Advocating on Behalf of Businesses

Glenwood Springs Chamber Advocating on Behalf of Businesses

The GSCRA believes that a strong business community ultimately leads to a strong community.

Glenwood Springs Chamber Advocating on Behalf of Businesses 

The GSCRA believes that a strong business community ultimately leads to a strong community. Therefore, we advocate on behalf of business at local, regional, state and national levels. The GSCRA strives to make sure elected officials and other community leaders are aware of concerns of the business community. Recently the Glenwood Springs Chamber has shared business concerns regarding Glenwood Canyon closures. The GSCRA also joined a coalition of over 65 business organizations across the state to successfully defeat HB23-1118 which would have negatively impacted businesses and employees. 

The GSCRA holds membership in and works closely with various local, state, regional and national organizations. These partnerships are important to our success.  However, the GSCRA is not obligated in any way to follow, approve or endorse any other organization’s positions or initiatives.  In some cases, we do utilize positions of these and other organizations to help guide our own. 

The GSCRA’s legislative strategy is to support policy proposals that fit our mission and oppose measures that do not.  

Voice of Business Regarding Recent Glenwood Canyon and I-70 Closures

Among other impacts, closures of the Glenwood Canyon harms businesses, impacts our tourism economy, impacts workforce, creates safety risks, and hinders intrastate and interstate commerce. Events such as the 2020 Grizzley Creek Fire, 2021 mudslides and regularly occurring accidents have brought the importance of this corridor to the forefront even more. 

Thank you to those who responded to a recent GSCRA survey regarding business impacts of the Glenwood Canyon closures. These responses help us as we communicate with our elected officials and state-level departments as we pursue collaborative solutions for reducing accidents and keeping this vital transportation corridor open. 

We appreciate the proactive approach Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) have recently taken to reduce the closures caused by crashes. 

On February 24, the GSCRA participated in a meeting with CDOT and local leaders. On February 28, the GSCRA and representatives from neighboring chambers of commerce met with Rep. Liz Velasco, Rep. Meghan Lukens, representatives from Sen. Dylan Roberts office, and a representative from CDOT. We are encouraged by the creative solutions being considered. We will continue to serve as the voice of business, keep members informed, and offer support for solutions as appropriate. 

Restrictive Scheduling ("Fair Workweek") Defeated  

House Bill 23-1118 the Fair Workweek Employment Standards bill was introduced January 24. 

Because of the extreme burden that this bill would impose on businesses and employees in Colorado, the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association and dozens of local chambers of commerce across the state joined the Colorado Chamber and a coalition of business groups to oppose the bill.

On February 16, more than 100 chambers, businesses and trade associations appeared at the state capitol in person and remotely to testify against the bill until the late evening hours. 

Yesterday (March 2) the bill was struck-down in committee with an 8-2 bipartisan vote. Thank you to everyone who reached out to legislators or testified. Click here to read the Colorado Chamber's Press Release

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